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Stop Thinking Like A Startup

In my last company I was motivated by a desire to help people, but I didn’t think of it as a business. Until it was too late. I was thinking like a startup founder, not the owner of a business. Enough pivots and we would find traction where others had failed. We were special. These [...]

Are We Afraid To Solve Problems That Matter?

The other night I found myself making polite but insincere conversation with a very nice young man creating an app for buying drinks at bars. His company wasn’t something I wanted to talk about, but he was a good person. Solving problems that aren’t problems Described  a particular way, it’s possible to see how a [...]

What Your Startup Can Learn From A Lemonade Stand

During my first visit to Brazil a friend told me the lemonade stand was the quintessential American icon. We’re natural entrepreneurs, he observed, and we start our kids on the path to small business ownership at a very early age. I’d never thought the lemonade stand was unique or special until then moment, but cold glass of [...]

What Upworthy Reveals About The Secret Architecture Of Success

Entrepreneurs are success architects. We build our castles one brick at a time. A brick isn’t much. By itself. Stand back and it’s hard to be anything but awed when you look at the Alhambra, Windsor Palace or Himeji Castle. Taken together and those lowly bricks have shape, they have a meaning, and they have [...]

Uncomfortable Is The New Normal: Five Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

[Note: This post is part of a Startup Edition series on lessons for new entrepreneurs] “I sense you’re going to be very successful,” my cab driver said. As San Francisco afternoon traffic lurched forward, the conversation had gotten very personal, as taxi cab confessions often do. “There’s something about the way you carry yourself, and how [...]