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Waze Shows Why The Future Of Startups Belongs To Los Angeles

I had my first Waze experience the other day leaving Los Angeles. It totally blew my mind. Waze is a crowd-sourced route planning and traffic information app that collects data from nearby users about congestion, travel times and road conditions in real-time. Known as “Wazers,” app users earn points for adding data to the app, such [...]

Your Startup Is Not The Enemy, It’s Your Dance Partner

In the summer of 2004 I lost my innocence. I saw war first-hand as a foot soldier on a presidential campaign. Sleep, social life, family and personal comfort were irrelevant. Only victory mattered. By any means necessary. It was an unlovely slog, and soon my only motivation was to wake up on Wednesday, Nov. 3, [...]

What Upworthy Reveals About The Secret Architecture Of Success

Entrepreneurs are success architects. We build our castles one brick at a time. A brick isn’t much. By itself. Stand back and it’s hard to be anything but awed when you look at the Alhambra, Windsor Palace or Himeji Castle. Taken together and those lowly bricks have shape, they have a meaning, and they have [...]

Dataset Clothing Wins With Instagram Video Marketing

The future of business communication is owning a single channel. Dataset Clothing has clearly found a winner with Instagram. The San Diego-based lifestyle brand makes t-shirts, hats and apparel for DJ’s, beat makers, and people who enjoy cutting edge electronic music. Their tagline is “Wearable systems for audio performance,” and it’s not hard to see [...]

This is what the Phonebloks concept smartphone could look like

Is Phonebloks Concept Smartphone Slacktivism Or The Future Of Product Marketing?

Phonebloks, a new modular smartphone concept is quickly gathering steam. Or maybe it’s just blowing steam. Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens envisions the phone of tomorrow as an open platform where each component is interchangeable and can be sourced by a specialist manufacturer. Rather than throw away an entire phone if your screen breaks, just replace it. [...]

Trick To Click Media

I’m coining a new term today, “trick to click media.” Trick to click media live and die by the page view. BuzzFeed, Upworthy, Gawker, Business Insider are trick to click media. They’ll do anything to keep you on the site, as long as it means you read one more article. Trick to click media doesn’t [...]

Small Business Public Relations

PR Tips Podcast 007: Slow PR With Greg Galant of Muckrack

People who think the public relations process is all about numbers have been severely mislead. The truth of the matter is that effective public relations is and always has been about building strong relationships with journalists and publications who are important to your industry and to your company. On today’s episode of the podcast we [...]

mobile phone penetration across africa

From Inspiration To Innovation: The SpellAfrica Story

SpellAfrica Initiative founder Elvis Austins says he was functionally illiterate at age 20. What education Austins received did not prepare him to achieve his full potential. In a country know better-known for Internet scams than International non-profits, Austins is a bootstrapped founder whose vision and tireless determination is challenging perceptions and, helping to unlock the [...]

targeted media exposure for your startup

How To Avoid “Bad Press” And Court Investors With Targeted Media

A skywriter appeared overhead today as we walked past San Francisco’s famous Painted Ladies. The plane towed a banner which read “Save money,”  along with the image of an insurance company’s well-known reptillian mascot. Thanks. I guess. Could there possibly be a less effective way to reach your audience? Maybe it’s because I’m not in the [...]

If You Can’t Be Sexy, Be Smart

If you can’t be good looking, be smart. If you can’t be smart, be tough. People are swooning over Elon Musk’s recently-revealed Hyperloop transportation system, but breakthroughs of this nature are few and far between. Rockstar, serial entrepreneurs like Elon may be a source of inspiration, but he’s truly one in a million. Many of [...]