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The Three Tools Of An Instant Expert

To become a master takes time, but it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Unsurprisingly there are many opinions about what it means to be an expert. My friend Ben Kaplan says that to be an expert you only need three datapoints. Can you prove you’ve done something three times succesfully? Congratulations, you’re an expert! This blog post [...]

This is what the Phonebloks concept smartphone could look like

Is Phonebloks Concept Smartphone Slacktivism Or The Future Of Product Marketing?

Phonebloks, a new modular smartphone concept is quickly gathering steam. Or maybe it’s just blowing steam. Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens envisions the phone of tomorrow as an open platform where each component is interchangeable and can be sourced by a specialist manufacturer. Rather than throw away an entire phone if your screen breaks, just replace it. [...]

Don’t Invent Your Message, Steal It

One of the hardest things for startups to do is to communicate a clear value proposition. Your value proposition, or unique selling point (USP) is the thing you do better than anyone else. And it’s something that people need. But it’s not as hard as you think to be an effective communicator.Often startups have difficulty [...]

NAGL means not a good look

Jargon Junction: What Is the Meaning Of NAGL?

I’m trying something new here on the blog. Today I’m looking at how words are born, and become part of the English language. I want to look at the  creation and evolution of a word born on the Internet. Today’s word is #NAGL. While this blog will always be about public relations advice for startups [...]

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