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The Virtue of Community And The Selfishness of Crowds

I was in a meeting recently where the head of business development at a well-funded startup proudly proclaimed her creative community was growing by 7,000 members per month. But when I visited the website, I didn’t see a community. All I saw was an audience. While the company had a power-packed board of advisors, and [...]

Precision Activation: The Future of Digital Marketing

Guest Speaker: Michael Tinmouth Mike discusses the convergence of content, social and mobile and its impact on the way businesses engage with their customers. Biography: Michael Tinmouth is a journalist and entrepreneur who has worked with a range of dynamic businesses to build, engage and monetise online communities. His publishing credits include Your Better Business, [...]

Digital Marketing Intensive!

Once you’ve mastered the essentials of Blogging & Social Media for Business, it’s time to leverage that knowledge to build your community and grow your business rapidly! “These days, social media waits for no one. If you’re LATE for the party, you’ll probably be covered by all the noise and you might not be able to get [...]

Growth Hacking Is The Marketer’s New Religion

Chaos was the law of Nature;  Order was the dream of man.–Henry Adams Humans invented religion to give order to a Universe beyond our explanation. Why do children get cancer? Why  do righteous people endure  tragedies? We have faith in a divine logic. A place after death makes loss more bearable. Without structure human life is [...]

Social Media for Business with Jacqueline Boone

This class will be an interactive workshop that will teach you the essentials of: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Pinterest How, when, and what to post How to use valuable social tools to get the most out of social media Prior to the class, I will ask for your current blog and social networks. Time permitting, [...]

Writers Room

The Writers Room provides over 200 writers with a quiet, affordable place in which to work. In addition to workspace, the Room offers a reference and research library for the use of its members; seminars and workshops on subjects of interest to writers; readings of members’ works; and community for people working in a solitary profession. Eligibility Emerging and established writers [...]

The Hive at 55

The Hive at 55 is a shared workspace AND a community of like-minded people who find our space a comfortable, professional place to do business. Our members include freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups eager to collaborate and share resources. Along with a desk to set up your laptop, the Hive offers 3 private conference [...]

The Change You Want to See

Not An Alternative is a hybrid arts collective and non-profit organization with a mission to affect popular understandings of events, symbols, and history. The group curates and produces interventions on immaterial and material space, leveraging the tools of architecture, exhibit design, branding, and public relations. Not An Alternative’s actions, installations, and presentations have been featured within [...]

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