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Why journalists make such great entrepreneurs

Journalists Make Better Entrepreneurs Than MBA’s

I’m a journalist. I’m also an entrepreneur. Not saying I’m good at either here, just stating facts. While everyone looks to business school graduates to grow great companies, it’s journalists who actually go to school to learn the skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. Kara Swisher recently said, “Journalists need to start being entrepreneurial like everyone [...]

How To Tell The Difference Between Public Relations and Marketing Jobs

What Is The Difference Between Public Relations And Marketing?

Public relations is different from marketing. Sometimes it isn’t. Public relations jobs aren’t advertising jobs, but sometimes they are. Confused? I’m often asked the difference between public relations and marketing, so I wanted to answer the question for myself as much as for anyone else. At the end of the day public relations, marketing and [...]

Kanye West Hypnotized Himself to become a success long before the world made it so

Kanye West And The Power Of Self-Hypnosis

Kanye West is many things; humble is not one of them. Kanye West is an inspiration to me and entrepreneurs everywhere because he took the fast-track to success. Kanye West hypnotized himself to believe he was a success long before it happened. Success is a matter of belief. There are wildly successful people who are [...]

Where to look for answers

Get Outside Yourself

This morning I woke up and meditated. This afternoon I meditated again. Mindfulness is a practice I am cultivating, and I’ve been off my stride for a while. I haven’t been to yoga for weeks, and my jogs have gone from almost daily to weekly. As startup founders it’s easy to get caught in a [...]

On July 4th Celebrate The Startup Revolution

July 4th is America’s birthday. Today I invite you to celebrate the celebrate the revolutionary spirit of startup culture, and the power of disruption. July 4th is my favorite day of the year. More than my birthday. Seriously! We gather together, grill and blow stuff up. What could possibly be better? I love the lights [...]

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